How To Spot And Avoid Rental Scam

If you are sensitive and careful in the Real Estate industry, you can easily spot and avoid the rental scams. Try to be vigilant in protecting your personal information. Additionally, you should possess a higher standard of excellence particularly in eliminating frauds.  Be able to detect the possible scams even before they are displayed.


The easiest sign to spot and identify a rental scam is when someone asks you to send the money via Prepaid Visa card, Moneygram, or the Western Union. Normally, the Scammers requests for a deposit even before you physically see the property. To avoid this scam, don’t send cash for whatever reason until you see the property and sign for legal transfer documents.

Consequently, you can spot the rental scam when someone rents you a property, and the owner is out of the country in a military service, job mission or any other genuine mission. In that case, Scammer may take advantage of the owner’s absentia to fraud you money.  Always, insist on meeting with either the property landlord or agent. If the landlord or agent can’t physically meet you, then it is possibly a rental scam, and you should avoid it by turning down the offer.  Never sign any rental agreement without either your friend or a family member.

You can also detect a rental scam based on the Emails sent. In most cases, the emails sent by the scammers are littered with typos and grammatical mistakes. Be careful and effectively analyze the email messages sent to you by someone. If the message is difficult to read, includes a sad story, and lengthy, there is a possibility it’s a scam. Normally, the genuine email messages are professionally composed and written by professionals.

Before signing the transfer document, you should research extensively on the Landlord or the Agent. You can easily get the information on the landlord and agent on Google.  The landlord or agent might turn out to a scammer and therefore, someone else had posted a report relating to these individuals. Don’t just rush to complete the deal without doing thorough research on the individuals.

Be sensitive in filling out the application form. Don’t just sign everything presented to you. Demand on seeing the physical property before filling the document. Though some Real Estate agencies may offer legitimate and genuine application forms through the property’s website, do not submit it with personal information until you verify the property existence.

At any given time, never send money without securing a lease as well as confirming that the property manager has the capacity and legal rights to rent the property. Ensure you are dealing with the right person as far as the property renting is concerned.