Serviced offices for rent in Singapore at Chevron House

What is a serviced office?

Before we get into the whereabouts of serviced offices in Singapore, it’s essential to know what they exactly are. There are a few terms coined for these kinds of offices like managed offices, business centers, and executive suites. They are fully facilitated and managed by a management company which basically rented the whole space. These offices or sometimes, even the whole floors, are then rented to the companies. A lot of public buildings today are offering serviced offices for rent in Singapore. One of them is the Chevron House.

Chevron House – the grade A building with serviced offices for rent in Singapore

IMG_20150404_173614Chevron House is a grade A skyscraper building, 32-storey high in Singapore’s CBD. It is a modernly designed building of today and offers convenience and easy accessibility to Raffles Place MRT. Some of the features of their offices are the following:

  • Sound proofing system installed so that noise does not travel unnecessarily within different rooms.
  •  They have tried to encourage working men to develop a network among fellow men by creating collaborative spaces. This is ideal to make interaction easier and productive at the same time.
    High speed internet connectivity is accessible at all times.
  • IP phone system of enterprise level is incorporated so that everything runs smoothly and communication is never disrupted.
  • There is a secured co-house server for their clients to host their equipment with the management company which basically gives them a bulky storage space and let them have their close by.
  • There are private meeting rooms for conducting formal meetings and interviews.
  • A range of environments for informal discussions have been created.
  • Workshops are timely arranged so that while people work, they also get to learn something from experienced, known and well-educated professionals.
  • A good agreement term is offered – businessmen renting serviced offices in Chevron House are supposed to pay only for the services they use. Its fair dealing and cost-effective strategy planned for the businesses incorporated there.
  •  t is not just a working space. It is a whole community because it resides in the Raffles Place which already has a lot of cafes where one can dine in during lunch hours. There are retail shops, malls and a complete transport system to travel via bus and train.
  •  CCTV surveillance for 24 hours is provided.
    Ergonomic furnishing

There is a short term and long term rental agreement offered to the companies that rent serviced office at Chevron House. Powerfully equipped, it’s the prime building providing serviced offices for rent in Singapore today!